CNN Chairman Jeff Zucker Refuses To Answer Questions About Undercover Tapes

CNN’s Jeff Zucker hates Donald Trump, and he has not been afraid to voice those sentiments to his staff.

A few weeks ago Project Veritas released a series of videos that show CNN’s Zucker telling members of his staff that the “news” organization needs to make Trump’s impeachment the sole focus of the network.

Photos Of CNN Chairman’s Wife And Epstein’s “Pimp” Surface

Upon the video’s release, left-wing outlets jumped to the defense of CNN, saying “these people are contractors, not CNN employees.” Great, cool. That doesn’t change anything. Jeff Zucker, the man ultimately responsible for seeing that people get paid, can still be heard telling CONTRACTED workers how they need to cover Trump.

Fortunately, Project Veritas was able to catch Zucker over the weekend, and ask him about their expose. Of course, Zucker was surprisingly quiet, rushing to his car to avoid the camera.

Yesterday @Project_Veritas confronted @CNN President Jeff Zucker in the #ATL airport over the #ExposeCNN tapes; it seems he wasn't a fan… Watch him run away when questioned. #BeBrave — Project Veritas (@Project_Veritas) November 2, 2019

Do people need more proof that CNN is a garbage network? The chairman of the company is caught telling staff to focus everything on Trump, then gets upset when people call him out. I guess when your ex-wife is caught yucking it up with Epstein’s pimp, you have to make sure there’s a constant distraction.



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