Chuck Schumer Complains About Senate Republicans Being “Unfair” Before Trial Even Starts

In a strange twist of fate, it is now the Democrats who are complaining about an unfair process in regards to impeachment, and now they are complaining about it to the media.

During a press conference, Senator Chuck Schumer said that, after President Trump is impeached by the House, “Senate Democrats believe strongly that the trial must be fair.”

“A fair trial is one where Senators get all the facts,” he goes on to say. “One that allows them to adjudicate the case impartially.”

“I told leader McConnell I was ready to discuss trial rules. Instead of talking to me, he spoke publicly about what a trial may look like, and said he was taking his cues from the White House.”

Schumer then said that McConnell’s actions were “very partisan, very slanted, and very unfair.”

Schumer is already complaining about a potential Senate trial calling it “Very Partisan, Very Slanted, Very Unfair” What does he think of how the House has been handling things? Democrats wanted a Partisan Impeachment and now that they got one, they’re complaining. — Benny (@bennyjohnson) December 16, 2019

Folks were quick to call out these cries for “fairness” following a completely unfair process in the House hearings.

Let’s see if Democrats get treated with the same level of fairness they offered to the Republican minority in the House.



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