Chris Cuomo Says You Can’t Call Yourself A Christian If You Support President Trump’s Be

The folks over at CNN still don’t understand how the American people could vote for a guy like President Trump, and that’s causing Chris Cuomo to lash out.

During an interview with former congressman Sean Duffy, Cuomo wanted to know how in the world people could be okay with President Trump mocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Mind you, Chris Cuomo’s rage stems from the president’s tweet:

Because it wasn’t true — Mark Meadows (@RepMarkMeadows) December 13, 2019

The left freaked out over President Trump joking about Nancy Pelosi having dentures. This kind of stuff is why people like the guy. He doesn’t go around pretending to be some stuffy politician with a holier than thou attitude. He punches back when he’s attacked. In this case, he said Nancy has fake teeth.

Chris Cuomo spent an entire segment of his show trying to deconstruct how voters might find this type of behavior acceptable, concluding that people can’t claim to be Christian while also supporting what the president says.

“I can’t believe that your argument is ‘there are people who support the president who feel that he’s taking too much criticism, so they are okay with him saying Nancy Pelosi’s teeth are falling out’.”

Whether or not Cuomo believes it, that’s the truth. There are a ton of people who are totally fine with the president making fun of Nancy Pelosi. Honestly, that’s why a lot of people voted for the guy.

In yet another demonstration of not even trying to see things from the other side, Cuomo defends Nancy Pelosi based on her statements about praying for the president.

“She says she prays for him every day,” Cuomo says. “And doesn’t hate him.”

Seriously, I understand CNN is a left-wing propaganda outlet, but they don’t have to blatantly defend the indefensible. Abortion enthusiasts don’t get to proclaim having devout Christian faith without getting called out…

Cuomo then decides to go after his guest’s personal faith.


“Sean, are you a Christian?” Cuomo asks.

After Duffy responds with a “yes” Cuomo immediately goes into a monologue about how Republicans “basically want to make Christianity the religion of this country.”

“If you want to hold yourself as a Christian, you can’t make any of the arguments you are making right now.”

Aside from not addressing any argument individually, how absurd is it that Chris “Fredo” Cuomo is going to lecture someone on the Christian faith?

Let me get this straight, when it comes to killing babies, and disobeying the rule of law in regards to our border, Democrats act as though the Bible doesn’t exist. But when President Trump makes a joke about Nancy’s teeth falling out, suddenly liberals like Cuomo are clutching their pearls, screaming “that’s so un-Christian!”

Where were these people when lawmakers were approving gay marriage? Where are these talking heads speaking up for Christian values in regards to abortion laws?

They are silent when it counts, but when someone makes fun of their precious Nancy Pelosi, suddenly Democrats act as if this is outrageous. Spare us the theatrics.

I’ll take a pro-life president who mocks Nancy Pelosi over a baby-killer that says nice things all the time.


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