Chip Gaines Shares Why He Takes His Sons To The Construction Site Despite Danger

The 43 year old Chip Gaines, mostly known for his former roll as one of the stars of Fixer Upper, alongside his wife, 40 year old Joanna Gaines, talks about his reasons for bringing his children with him to his work construction sites.

He talks in the recent edition of Magnolia Journal, which he also publishes with wife Joanna, about how he feels about his kids being a part of his every day life. How when they aren’t in school he finds it important to teach them about real life experiences. He stated in the Magnolia Journal, “”Since I spend the majority of my working day hopping between job sites, I’ve found that the easiest way to help my kids experience new things is by bringing them along when they get out of school,”.

He goes on to say, “”I feel pretty well-educated on the myriad reasons one should not bring children to a construction site — potential for injury, skinned knees, whining, potty breaks (with no working toilets), or the inevitable stray puppy or kitten they beg me to let them bring home. There are surely a million more.”

Chip and Joanna have five children together, Son Drake 13, daughter Ella Rose 11, son Duke 9, daughter Emmie Kay 8, and their new son Crew age 2 months.

Chip goes on to talk about how if they had left their kids at home, they would miss out on many teachable moments, that they would not get if they were just sitting at home. “I see firsthand what types of things catch their attention and how they problem-solve,” he explained.

Chip revealed in his Magnolia Journal write up, that he sometimes gets strange looks from people passing by, for having his kids on a work site. He went on to say, “”Frankly, I think that’s more dangerous,” he wrote. “There’s just too much at stake. What they could miss out on is far too important to risk.”

We support you Chip and Joanna Gaines. Real life experience can having a lasting impact on their lives growing up, and who they are to become in the future.



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