Cancer Survivor Breaks Down In Tears After Singing “Amazing Grace”

It’s one of the most recognizable hymns ever written, yet you’ve never heard it like this!

You’re about to watch one of the most amazing renditions of Amazing Grace you’ve ever seen. And it’s being performed by a woman who has just finished her last session of chemotherapy.

Jessie Rhye Recny, isn’t supposed to be here. Cancer reared it’s ugly head in her life, but Recny fought back, and is living to tell the world how she defeated it. She’s strong, but she wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help her sister-in-law and childhood friend, Amanda Rhye, who herself is a survivor of Leukemia.

At 11 years old, Amanda Rhye received some of the toughest news of her life. She had cancer. And not just any cancer. She was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. She was told that despite the best efforts of the doctors, that she was never going to be well again.

Miraculously after five years, she had beaten cancer! Since then she created the organization, HOPE XO, to give others the encouragement they need to get through the darkest chapters of their lives. Rhye has remained cancer free, but soon found herself back in the same treatment center to support her own sister-in-law who was battling breast cancer.

Rhye speaks of her own experience and where her new project was birthed out of on her Facebook page,

“It took me some time to be able to visit the hospital rooms again — I practically lived on the 3rd floor at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and stayed in every single room on the floor during my time of treatment, so it was hard going back, but I desperately wanted to let every kid on the cancer floor know that if I can make it so can they. My mom always said that if she had someone like me stop by it would give her just a little hope and with what the doctors were saying that was all she really needed,”

For Recny, it took eight rounds of chemotherapy and she successfully had a tumor removed. We are happy to tell you that Recny is officially cancer free as well!

To commemorate her battle, and celebrate on the last day of her treatment, Jessie decided to sing, Amazing Grace. Get ready, because you’re going to need the tissues for this one.

Her friends, family, and hospital staff all cheered for her, as they were thrilled to send her home!

There’s a tradition called “Ringing It Out,” where patients who are cancer free get to ring a bell, declaring their freedom. The MD Anderson website explains the origins of this cherished event,

“The now-widespread tradition was introduced in 1996 at MD Anderson when U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Irve Le Moyne, a patient with head and neck cancer, installed a brass bell at the main campus Radiation Treatment Center.”
Ringing out Ring this bell Three times well Its toll to clearly say, My treatment’s done This course is run And I am on my way! — Irve Le Moyne 

If you know someone who is battling cancer, share this story with them, and encourage them to keep fighting!

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