Blind Football Player Stuns America, Shows Colin Kaepernick What a Real Hero Does On the Field

An Arizona high school freshman scored two touchdowns in a game last week, but that’s one of the least significant details of his story.

14-year old Adonis Watt is making national headlines for defying the odds, and joining his school’s football team in spite of the fact that he’s blind.

Adonis, who attends Brophy Prep in Phoenix, ran for a 45-yard touchdown in his first game, but only after the opposing team gave up because they knew he was blind. During his most recent game the other team was not made aware of his condition, making his two scores “all earned” according to his coach.

VIDEO: 'All earned': Brophy Prep blind football player Adonis Watt scores 2 touchdowns via @azcentral — azcentral (@azcentral) September 19, 2018

“You just trust your instincts, trust your players, trust the play,” Watt told Fox News’ Steve Doocy. “To be blind, you have to be able to trust other things, since you can’t trust your eyes.”

Watt, who lost his ability to see due to congenital glaucoma, isn’t allowing his lack of vision to keep him from dreaming big. When asked about his future in football the young man said he hopes to play at the highest level one day.

“First I have to go to college, do good at that,” he said. “Hopefully get in the NFL, get some rings, get a lot of money and go into the Hall of Fame.”

Adonis Watt: “Coach trusted me and put me in. I came through and did my job.” @foxandfriends — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 20, 2018

His teammates don’t treat him any different than the rest of the players on the field. When asked about his condition, one boy said that God gives all of us challenges we have to overcome. Maybe this obstacle will be used to showcase that just because someone can’t see, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a big part of a team.

“I’m always astonished by how he gets from place to place,” Watt’s coach Scott Heidman says. “Let alone find holes and places on the field that he’s going to fit into.”

“I’m sure in his mind he’s mapping it out, and finding his way.”

Coach Heidman says that Adonis is “the glue” that every team needs. “Team chemistry is such a huge part of success, and Adonis is that little something special for this group, that kind of cohesiveness that brings this group together. For me as a coach it’s brought me and this team closer together. We are a bunch that take care of each other.”




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