Biden’s ‘Mental Stability’ In Question After Multiple Brain Aneurysms

A lot of people have no idea, but Joe Biden had brain surgery close to thirty years ago.

Now, does that disqualify him from running for president? Not at all, but it sure does shoot a lot of holes through the notion that Donald Trump is mentally unfit to be commander-in-chief.

Think about this: how many times have you heard democrats question President Trump’s mental stability? I can think of a dozen times this week. Now, realize that the democratic frontrunner has had two brain aneurysms. Does the “mental health” argument make sense to anyone?

Democratic presidential hopeful former US Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. speaks during the second Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season hosted by NBC News at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida, June 27, 2019. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Unlike previous president Barack Obama, Biden’s brain surgeon has come out to support the former VP in his bid for the highest office in the land. Dr. Neal Kassell — the man who performed surgery on Biden three decades ago — came out with great confidence for his former patient.

“I am going to vote for the candidate who I am absolutely certain has a brain that is functioning”, he jokingly told Politico. “And that narrows it down to exactly one.”

HA HA HA. That’s so funny! He said that Donald Trump doesn’t have a brain! That means this man believes democrats lost to a man with no brain… That’s kind of sad.

All kidding aside, what is this guy talking about? He literally had to operate on Joe Biden’s brain because it was broken… and he wants us to believe Biden is more mentally stable? I’m having a hard time buying it.

Now, maybe I’m a little biased. I’m young. I’ve never had an aneurysm. Perhaps I’m putting too much emphasis on my brain never having blood vessels explode inside of it. According to Biden’s doctor, he’s just as mentally well as anyone.

Sure, he says stupid things like “poor kids can be just as talented as white kids”, but come on… He’s just Joe!

Plus, that isn’t even the worst thing about the guy…



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