Bernie Sanders Warns Cities Will Be “Under Water” Because Of Climate Change

Bernie Sanders believes that the earth is facing a climate crisis. He’s so worried about it, he continues to use fossil fuels to fly around the country, polluting the air that he says he’s worried about.

During a speech over the weekend Sanders echoed literally every democrat when he said that Donald Trump is “wrong” about climate change.

“When Donald Trump says that climate change is a hoax, he is dangerously, dangerously wrong,” the democratic hopeful said without getting into any sort of specifics. “The scientists are now telling us… they have underestimated the speed and severity in which climate change is impacting the world.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders: "When Donald Trump says that climate change is a hoax, he is dangerously, dangerously wrong." — The Hill (@thehill) November 11, 2019

Bernie then goes on to say that major cities in the U.S. will be “under water”, but you don’t really see home developers leaving the coasts… In fact, the Obamas literally just bought an island home…

But let’s not allow facts to get in the way of a good story. Sure, the climate might be changing, but these people think that we are stupid enough to believe a tax will fix it.

That’s all the Green New Deal is. A tax. There is nothing stopping these tree huggers from driving and flying less. Nobody is forcing them to use fossil fuels. America’s carbon footprint is but a grain of sand compared to the beaches that are China and India.

If these people are so worried about climate change, one would think they’d spend most of their time in the parts of the world producing the majority of the emissions. They aren’t. The end.



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