Bernie Sanders’ Tax Returns Show He Gave Less Than 1% To Charity

Democrats (and socialists) talk about caring for our fellow man, but the numbers show that they don’t walk their talk.

Months ago many of the candidates in the democrat field released their tax returns. While the media focused on sources of income, few pointed out just how little those on the left give freely. Even fewer pointed at the socialist who gives less than 1%.

The left wants to tax you under the guise that the money will “help” others, but these same people refuse to give on their own. This isn’t some sort of insult. The numbers indicate that democrats give less to charity than their republican counterparts.

Now, the reason for the difference in giving is simple: republicans go to church more than democrats. The church instructs us to give to those with less, and this compels people in attendance. On the flip side, if people have no moral guide telling them to give to others, then these people won’t.

The latter group tends to need to be forced by the government to do things. That’s why people with less are okay with taxing those who have more. They don’t understand the concept of freely giving, and that’s obvious in their proposed legislation.

Those rich billionaires who want to pay more taxes are allowed to do so. But they don’t because they don’t REALLY believe in giving. They believe in force.

Back to Bernie (sorry for the rant). According to his returns, Bernie has made anywhere from $200k to over $1 million in a year. At the same time his charitable giving has been as high as ALMOST 4% (wow, what a giver…), to as little as $1,900, or less than 1% of his income.

Following his 2016 campaign, and authoring a best-seller, the Sanders family finds them in the “super rich” club. One would think this would lead him to give more on his own accord, however that’s not what he says:

“I consider paying more in taxes as my income rose to be both an obligation and an investment in our country. I will continue to fight to make our tax system more progressive so that our country has the resources to guarantee the American Dream to all people.”

The thing is, paying taxes isn’t an investment. It’s following the law. It is literally doing the bare minimum to not get in trouble with the IRS. Yet, people like Bernie think they should be celebrated for doing… nothing. Paying taxes is essentially doing nothing.

Caring requires taking action that benefits someone else. Complaining about rich people isn’t “caring”. Paying taxes isn’t “caring”. Clearly, Bernie doesn’t get that.



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