Barbie Announces New “Hijab Wearing Barbie”, And The Response Is Jaw Dropping

Look, I may be a straight male, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t play with a Barbie or two growing up as a kid, so I know a thing or two about the doll.

To my understanding, Barbie, as a company, tries to stand up for women, and specifically young girls. Barbie’s creator set about making a toy that gave girls the idea that they could be anything they wanted. There were no limits to what Barbie could be.

Now, it appears the doll company wants to go back to a time where women were subservient to men. No more is that evidenced than with the new hijab wearing Barbie.

A hijab is a garment worn by muslim women in order to cover themselves in the presence of men. So, I guess Barbie is trying to say that women should cover themselves?

The doll is said to be inspired by Ibtihaj Muhammad, a US fencer who received a bronze medal in the 2016 Rio games. Why they are making dolls for third place finishers is a totally different debate, but I guess that’s the kind of “everyone gets a trophy” mentality we’ve come to expect.

This is quite a strange turn for the doll company to take, seeing as they claim to take a stand for women. Are they aware that some women in parts of the world are forced to wear a hijab at all times? They don’t even have the freedom to be seen by other human beings, and yet Barbie thinks this is something we should celebrate.

Fortunately the company made this announcement several weeks before Christmas, so there’s still plenty of time to get something else for your kids. Surely, nobody who believes in equality would support a company that’s endorsing hateful ideology.

Maybe it’s time to boycott Barbie!

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