Author Praises Michelle, Calls Melania “Least Liked First Lady” In Latest Book

Once again the left is showing how kindhearted they are by publishing a book in which they slap around our current First Lady.

Why do they do this? Is it because she’s beautiful? Perhaps. She was a model, and women can be jealous of that type of thing.

Maybe it’s because she can speak multiple languages, and doesn’t talk down the country she calls home…

Well, whatever the reason, folks on the left can’t help but put down our FLOTUS, and this latest book is no exception. “Melania & Michelle: First Ladies in a New Era,” by Tammy R. Vigil, claims to be nothing more than an assessment of the two lady’s public images, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Vigil writes that Melania “ranks among the least liked of all modern first ladies, [and her] professional life prepared her to serve more as a visual adornment.” So, here we have a woman telling another woman “you’re only here to look good, sweetie.”

No offense here… But what professional life did Michelle have? So, she was in school for a LONG time, worked at a law firm for a couple years, and….. that’s it. That’s all.

The media makes it seem like Michelle Obama had this HUGE law career, and was on her own way to political/cultural relevancy, but she was just a lady who married Barack Obama.


This little tidbit from the New York Post made me spit my coffee up this morning:

The afterword belatedly acknowledges that “pitting the two women against one another is a troublesome (though common) practice.” But, hey, if it damages the Trumps, go for it.

The Daily News got the message about who is more impressive: “Michelle was a polished attorney and huge asset to Barack; Melania, a top model, is nearly invisible,” goes the headline promoting the book.

Vigil declares that Melania’s “difficulties” are exacerbated because she “followed a popular and competent first lady” in Michelle Obama.

After writing an entire book comparing the two first ladies — one only halfway through her first term with a wildly hostile media and the other who completed two terms — Vigil concedes that “directly contrasting these women is fraught with challenges.”

There’s just so much to unpack there. Vigil writes that Michelle is competent, thus insinuating that Melania is not. Has Vigil ever met Melania? Does she have a close relationship with the two First Ladies that she’s able to come to a REASONABLE conclusion? My guess is, she’s another leftist sucking on that thing a lot of folks are convinced totally exists…

There really is nothing that Melania can do to get the left-wing media to like her. Her Christmas decorations are mocked. Every outfit she wears gets trashed (even though she’s super pretty). Comedians make fun of her son, who is 12… So yeah, I could see why she wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight.

Knowing that the president is impervious the media attacks, the folks on the left have determined that they can get to him through attacking his wife. We need to call this out before this type of behavior is normalized.

We support our President and First Lady.



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