Airline Removes “Ladies and Gentlemen” Following Gender Identity Laws

Canada is the first to let the media know just how ‘woke’ they are, and their outrageous ‘political correctness’ is at it again.

According to a report by the Washington Examiner, “Employees aboard Air Canada flights will no longer greet guests by referring to them as ‘ladies and gentlemen’ or ‘mesdames et messieurs,’ which has been typical protocol for years,” and all of this to apparently be “conscious of gender fluidity.”

Is this really an issue? Were people really getting up in arms over the phrase “ladies and gentleman”? I guess this is what classifies as a pressing issue in the Great White North because now Air Canada plans to replace the standard greetings with neutral words, such as “everybody” or “tout le monde.” A media spokesperson for the company added, “we will be amending our onboard announcements to modernize them and remove specific references to gender.”

Now this may seem like just pure non-sense to you, and it should, but there is a greater point. These are the small things “progressive” countries start to do that snowball into the outrageous laws which Canada has now regarding gender identity and what they call gender-based harassment. For example, according to a 2014 policy released by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, “Gender-based harassment can involve: (5) Refusing to refer to a person by their self-identified name and proper personal pronoun.”

“Gender-based harassment can involve: (5) Refusing to refer to a person by their self-identified name and proper personal pronoun.”

Additionally, in Canada gender identity and expression are protected under criminal code. The OHRC website explains that you have to be POSITIVE before you can refer to someone by a gender specific pronoun, saying “Generally, when in doubt, ask a person how they wish to be addressed. Use ‘they’ if you don’t know which pronoun is preferred. Simply referring to the person by their chosen name is always a respectful approach,” adding that “refusing to do so may be considered discriminatory, a clarification that was released after the debate started.” This CBC article explains the laws more>

As long as these laws and practices stay in Canada then I am happy, but these are the laws that progressives want to bring to the US. Laws that attack free speech. The left is going after our human rights everyday, we need to make sure we vote to keep our rights alive.

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