After NYC Attack…. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Real Threat Facing Ameri

This week our nation was once again damaged by acts of terror, and while politicians continue to send their “thoughts and prayers”, very little will actually get done to change things.

The folks in Washington D.C. will say that this is a time for “mourning”, not a time to talk about solutions, but that’s the same tired rhetoric they’ve been using for decades. No, the time to act is now.

There has never been a more pressing time to put sensible car-control measures in front of congress, but that will never happen, especially with all of the “car-nuts” in this country.

2013 census data reveals that there are nearly two cars for every household. With that many cars out on the street it isn’t shocking that an estimated 3,000 people die every day on the road.

A few months ago in Charlottesville we saw a woman merely standing in the street when she was killed by a car. Sure, we could point the finger at the driver of the car, but the car is what gave him the ability to harm. Why isn’t something being done?

Sure, car owners will argue that “he could’ve killed those people with a bike, or a scooter,” but it’s a lot more difficult to do widespread damage on those.

What we need is congress to pass measures to make it more difficult for crazy people to get a car. We need people to be trained in the operation of a car. After training, people should have to take a test in order to get a license to drive their car. We can call it a “driver’s license.”

While we may think it’s enough for one to have a license, there’s still the possibility they could hurt someone with their car. They should, by law, be required to have their car insured, and have their car regularly inspected.

We could take it a step further and require that all car owners be locked in a safe position at all times while using their car, but that might be pushing it.

The point is, we need regulations. Regulations will keep us safe. Regulations will make sure that disasters like we saw in Manhattan don’t happen. If New York would have made this man get a “driver’s license” then he could’ve been stopped.

When you live in a country that glorifies cars, it’s difficult to believe things could be different. We have movies about cars, people with car collections, hell we have a sport where people drive cars for hundreds of miles! America is a car-loving country.

Unfortunately, with all of the car owners in America, there’s little reason to believe “car-control” legislation will ever making it through congress. They care more about pleasing their car owning constituents than they do about saving lives.

When asking for opinions on car-control, we were not shocked to find that millions of others desperately want the government to intervene.

“I’ve been saying for years that we need better licensing laws for trucks,” says Colton, of Dallas. “If you need a truck you should need a good reason. Like you work in construction or landscaping.”

“Everybody gets them to haul things and end up hauling maybe once a year. ‘It’s helpful when I move.’ So is a moving crew you dope. Grow up!”

He is hardly alone in his sentiments. Wilson of Utah stated that he believes that “nobody should get a car unless they have military car training.”

The fact is if our Founding Fathers wanted us to use cars, they would have said so in the constitution. They lived in a time of covered wagons. Surely they never anticipated the widespread use of these aluminum bodied death machines.

The time for common sense “car control” is now, and our representatives need to act swiftly!




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