After Latest Campaign Gaffes, Joe Biden Remains At Top Of The Polls

In spite of himself, Joe Biden has managed to stay on top of the polls among democrat presidential candidates, according to a new poll by Reuters/Ipsos.

The poll, conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, found the level of indecision has jumped among of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents after an already wide slate of candidates underwent a considerable amount of recent turnover ahead of the November 2020 election, says Reuters.

The latest poll found that support declined for all of the top candidates, including Warren, when compared with a similar poll that ran on Nov. 20-22. Support dropped by 2 percentage points for former Vice President Joe Biden to 19%. It fell by 3 points for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont to 14%, and it declined by 1 point to 6% for Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana. Bloomberg, a billionaire media mogul, entered the race as the fifth-most popular candidate with 4% support. Support for Warren dropped by 2 points to 9% in the national poll, the worst showing for the U.S. senator from Massachusetts in the Reuters/Ipsos poll since August.

Although Biden’s support may have dropped a few percentage points, that could be due to polling error. The real issue is how in the world is crazy Joe still getting so much support?

Perhaps democrat voters see the entertainment value of letting Biden go toe to toe with Donald Trump in a debate, because that would be incredible. They might actually do a push-up competition on stage. That really could happen.

The Hill notes that those numbers are also significantly lower than those in the RealClearPolitics national average of polls. In that average, Biden has 27.8 percent support, Sanders 15.6 percent, Warren 14.2 percent and Buttigieg comes in fourth at 11.4 percent.

Nearly one-third of those surveyed in the Reuters poll, 31 percent, said they still don’t know which candidate to support, the highest indecision level since the same poll in April.



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