After Days Of Silence, Mike Rowe Finally Admits What We’ve All Been Thinking

Every time you turn on the TV these days it seems like someone is trying to make a political statement.

This year’s Oscar awards was more of an anti-Trump protest, than it was an awards show, and Americans are beginning to get sick of it.

While the liberal elites continue to moan and groan over an election loss, sensible celebrities are calling for unity, and using their platforms to promote positivity.

Scouring the internet, and world of entertainment, it is hard to find a better voice for sanity than former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe. Not only is he a hard worked and conservative activist, he is also a Chrisitan.

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If you follow Mike on social media, then you probably agree with that sentiment. As movie stars, and television hosts continuously criticize the president, and anyone who supports him, Rowe chooses to point the focus on a completely different subject: the value of hard work.

Coming from a blue collar family, Mike has always understood the value of an honest day’s work, but there’s a lot about him audiences have absolutely no idea about.

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A lot of his fans know him for his work on Dirty Jobs, and the narrator of Deadliest Catch, but Mike got his start in showbiz long ago as an opera singer trying to pick up chicks.

“I joined the opera to get my union card and meet girls,” he says of the experience. “I was a saloon singer, so I went down to the Baltimore Opera and learned an aria and auditioned. I figured I’d do one show and quit. But the girls were everywhere and the truth is, the music was really decent.”

While still performing as an opera singer, Mike ended up landing a gig as the host for the home-shopping network QVC.

“I was in the opera at the time. I walked across the street with a buddy of mine during a performance. We’re dressed as Vikings and we have a drink. The TV is turned to QVC …. My buddy bets me $100 I can’t get a call back. So I crashed the audition and got a job on the spot.”

In case that isn’t enough proof for you, here’s Mike singing the national anthem at a baseball game:

After a few years, and several terminations from the network, Mike moved on to hosting his own shows, on a variety of networks.

Some of the shows he has worked on include narrating The Ultimate Fighter, Ghost Hunters, Deadliest Catch, and Airplane Repo. He’s also lended his voice to Seth Macfarlane’s American Dad.

After spending several years as a host for the History channel, Mike was given the chance to host the widely popular show Dirty Jobs, which he has said is a tribute to his father, and grandfather.

The show ran for seven seasons, and thrusted Mike into a new level of fame few are able to attain, and maintain.


Can you imagine waking up in the morning to find a drone outside of your house, recording video of you and your family? You’d be pretty upset, or at least confused, to say the least. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Mike.

News of Mike’s interaction with the drone soon turned into rumors of Mike Rowe being found dead in his home. Not wanting his mother to worry, Mike was quick to discredit those rumors:

“I’d like to tell you I stopped because I realized that discharging my weapon in such a fashion would be frowned on by the local constabulary. But really, what stopped me was the realization that somewhere nearby, a drone operator was staring at his monitor, pondering the image of a very naked guy with a very familiar face, pointing a shotgun into the lens of his Go Pro and looking every bit as crazy as Gary Busey and Nick Nolte at the nadir of their careers. I froze, because I could see the video that might very well appear on the local news, (with considerable blurring, naturally.) The same video that might soon appear on my mother’s computer screen, along with the headline – “Dirty Jobs Guy Totally Loses It – Gets Naked and Shoots Drone From San Francisco Skies.”
When the moment passed I put the shotgun down and reached for my phone instead, just as the wicked contrivance bugged out for the Wild Blue Yonder. The attached photo is all I have in the way of proof, and I hope to God that’s all the proof you’ll ever see. Because honestly, I have no idea who is in possession of the footage I’ve just described. Nor do I have any idea if it will appear in your news feeds later this week. I sincerely hope not, but I know it’s out there, and there isn’t much I can do about it but make sure – if the unthinkable occurs – that you can all say you heard it here first… “


Working as a spokesman, as well as a host, and actor takes up a lot of his time, but that isn’t keeping Mike from spreading his message of working hard AND smart.

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Unfortunately, there will always be those who focus solely on the negative. Most celebrities choose to ignore their critics, but Mike isn’t most celebrities. Instead, he chooses to engage with his fans, and it’s nothing short of entertaining, if not educational.

Here are just a few examples:

Mike’s response after being attacked for appearing on conservative networks:

“If you look around, Simon, you’ll see that I’ve appeared multiple times on NPR and PBS, along with dozens of news shows on every major network. I’ve been on Real Time and Good Morning America, The Today Show and CBS This Morning. I actually worked for a CBS news affiliate, I was the voice of ABC World News, and I had my own show on CNN for the better part of two years! Sure – I go on Fox News whenever they invite me. Why wouldn’t I? In fact, I’m going back later this week. And if CNN invites me back, I’ll go there, too. Do you really think I care about the politics of the people who watch my show or support my foundation? Do you really think I care about the politics of the people who invite me on to chat about what matters most to me?”
Yesterday, I appeared on MSNBC for a nice chat with Chuck Todd about closing the skills gap. (I can’t believe you missed it!) In return, Chuck mentioned my foundation in his intro, as well as Returning the Favor – a very kind plug which was inexplicably excluded from the clip on their website. (I’m sharing our conversation anyway because deep down, I know that MSNBC loves my show – I just know it!)
Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Your mission, Simon, is to watch this video and tell me what I got wrong about the American worker. Or, if you’d like a respite from the strum and drang of national politics, watch this weeks episode of Returning The Favor, and meet the next generation of skilled tradeswomen. Do this, Simon, and ye shall be restored…”

Mike defends his audience after someone calls them stupid:

“What can I say? I work for half-a-dozen different companies, none of whom pay me to share my political opinions. I run a non-partisan foundation, I’m about to launch a new show on Facebook, and I’m very aware that celebrities pay a price for opening their big fat gobs. Gilbert Gottfried, Kathy Griffin, Colin Kaepernick, Milo Yiannopoulos…even that guy from Google who just got himself fired for mouthing off. There’s no getting around it – the first amendment does not guarantee the freedom to speak without consequences. And really, that’s fine by me. So no – I’m not going to share my personal feelings about Charlottesville, President Trump, or the current effort to remove thousands of statues of long dead soldiers from the public square. Not just because it’s “bad for business,” but because it’s annoying. I can’t think of a single celebrity whose political opinion I value, and I’m not going to assume the country feels any differently about mine. So, rather than blow myself up, or chime in with all the obvious observations about the cowardly scum in the pointy hats, I’m going to talk instead about my belief that comments like yours pose a far greater threat to the future of our country than the existence of a memorial to Thomas Jefferson, or a monument to George Washington. Ready? Let’s start with a closer look at your claims.
You say that White Nationalists believe that everyone who goes to college is an “academic elite.” You then say that Republicans promote “anti-intellectualism.” You offer no proof to support either claim, but it really doesn’t matter – your statements successfully connect two radically different organizations by alleging a shared belief. Thus, White Nationalists and The Republican Party suddenly have something in common – a contempt for higher education. Then, you make it personal. You say that Republicans “love” me because they believe that my initiative and “their” initiative are one and the same. But of course, “their” initiative – according to you – is now the same initiative as White Nationalists.
Very clever. Without offering a shred of evidence, you’ve implied that Republicans who support mikeroweWORKS do so because they believe I share their disdain for all things “intellectual.” And poof – just like that, Republicans, White Nationalists, and mikeroweWORKS are suddenly conflated, and the next thing you know, I’m off on a press tour to disavow rumors of my troubling association with the Nazis!
Far-fetched? Far from it. That’s how logical fallacies work. A flaw in reasoning or a mistaken belief undermines the logic of a conclusion, often leading to real-world consequences. And right now, logical fallacies are not limited to the warped beliefs of morons with tiki torches, and other morons calling for “more dead cops.” Logical fallacies are everywhere.”

Mike educates a “fan” on numbers, and data:

What is it that makes Mike stand out amongst his peers? While many celebrities would belittle their detractors, Mike constantly attempts to be a voice of reason, without bringing shame to anyone.

Think about that. Every night you have some late-night television host making fun of conservatives, and anyone who would dare not fall in-step with the liberal agenda. The only reason people assume Mr. Rowe to be a republican is because he chooses not to ridicule others.

Watch the latest video at <a href="//"></a>

Let that sink in. Many people assume Mike Rowe is a conservative because he chooses to be kind, and highlight positivity. No offense to today’s “inclusive” liberal, but which message would you prefer: A message of negativity, or someone promoting hard work, and generosity?

Mike is also an outspoken supporter of the men and women who serve our nation’s military. In spite of this, people still choose to focus on the fact that Mike himself has never served, to which he has since spoken on:

“If you’re asking me to explain why it is your overall impression of me depends upon my military service, or lack thereof, I’m afraid I have no idea. The truth is, I don’t know why you chose to form an opinion of me in the first place. Nor do I know why you have chosen to share that opinion publicly, revise that opinion publicly, and then demand an explanation, publicly. Only you can answer such questions. If on the other hand, you’re asking me why I didn’t join the military back when I was young enough to do so, I guess the honest answer is because I was selfish.
Back in the early eighties, I put myself before my country, and pretty much everything else. I respected the military, but to be honest, I didn’t fully appreciate their impact on the many freedoms I took for granted. In short, I was busy being twenty. That’s why I’m blown away by the character of the young men and women who choose to wear a uniform today. I do what I can to support these people, and I acknowledge their extraordinary service whenever and wherever possible.
Obviously, supporting our military is not the same as enlisting in it, and wearing their uniform on a TV show is a far cry from actual service. But I’m afraid it’s all I can offer at this point in my misspent career.
I don’t know about you, Donna, but when I look back, I see a long list of things I might do differently if I had another whack at the piñata. Unfortunately, you can’t put the poop back in the goose. (Believe me, I’ve tried.) If this has diminished me in your eyes, I certainly understand, but I’m afraid there’s not much I can do. Along with my flat feet, I appear to be older than many Generals, and categorically unqualified to serve.”

With his new project Returning The Favor, Mike is going across the country finding stories of people giving their time to help others. The show is exclusively on Facebook, with every episode available for free!

As if life couldn’t be busy enough, Mike spends much of his time promoting skilled-labor jobs, as well as vocational training being a smart alternative to traditional college.

We know that the controllers of the culture want us to think “the sky is falling”, which is why people like Mike Rowe should be praised, now more than ever. While celebrities continue to give speech after speech condemning our country, and the people who live in it, Mike Rowe rises above the insults, and tries to promote a positive message revolving around working hard.

This is the reason why Mike started MikeRoweWORKS. As the CEO of his foundation, Mike spends a ton of time giving speeches, and interviews in an effort to encourage folks to consider picking up a trade. While most people think that a four-year degree is the path for everyone, Rowe wants people to think for themselves about what career path would be best for them.

Over the years the foundation has raised over $3 million to send people to trade schools.

“Many of the best opportunities that exist today require a skill, not a diploma. The purpose of this site is to promote that simple truth.”

While he doesn’t go about parading his political ideologies, Mike does try to impact the world of politics in the best way he knows. During president Obama’s first term in office, Rowe wrote a letter to the president to help promote America’s “3 million shovel ready jobs”. Although he never heard back from the Obama administration, that has not deterred him from getting his message to the masses.

In addition to being a well-respected host, and pitchman for numerous companies, many might be surprised to know that Mike is an accomplished Eagle Scout, having received the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award by the Boy Scouts of America.

“The Eagle Award is not really meant for people who need to be dragged across the finish line,” he says of the award. “It’s meant for a select few…” Safe to say, Mike definitely understands what hard work and dedication mean.

What we need are more people encouraging others to think critically, and that’s exactly what Mike does on a daily basis. Sure, he has his critics, but so does everyone with a platform. The fact that he chooses not to go low is a reason why so many respect him, and value his thoughts.

Mike Rowe is a shining example of someone who works hard, and smart. For that, he should be recognized, as we could all learn a lesson from this man.

God Bless!



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