After Calling President Trump A “Racist”, Kamala Harris Gives A Sermon On Kindness

Lawyer. Member of Congress. Presidential candidate. Now add “preacher” to the list of accomplishments for Kamala Harris.

While in Iowa a few months ago, Harris attended a church service at Corinthian Baptist Church in Des Moines. While at the church, Harris was given an opportunity to speak, which is strange that a church would give her a pulpit, seeing as she is pro-abortion.

“It is the church where we go, in times of need,” she said. “It is the church where we go, when we need upliftment. It is the church where we go, when we need inspiration. It is the church where we go, when times like these test our faith and we need to be reminded of all of Christ’s teachings, and what Jesus has taught us.”

Harris says that we must not be “overcome by evil”, while continuing to demean the president and those who support him. “We were raised to understand that we must live our faith. We were raised to understand that your faith, you should think of it as a verb.”

Exactly, what “faith” is Harris talking about? The “faith” that Christ preaches demands us to be bold in the face of evil, not to “tolerate” it. Harris being an outspoken supporter of the LGBT community has shown that perhaps she doesn’t share the same faith as the rest of Americans who consider themselves to be believers.

“Faith is going to be displayed, not just in your words, but in your actions,” she goes on to say. “And when I think about moments like this, I think we all know this is an affliction in the history of our country. This is a moment of time that is challenging us to look in a mirror and ask a question. That question being, ‘Who are we?'”

“You know, my sister and I, we were raised by a family of fighters. My parents met when they were active in the Civil Rights movement in Oakland in the 1960s. We joke that we grew up surrounded by adults who spent full-time marching and shouting. About this thing called justice.”

For what it’s worth, Kamala Harris’ father is Jamaican, and her mother is Indian (dot, not feather). To say that her parents were “active in the Civil Rights movement” may be in reference to their exercise habits, because… Come on…

“Scripture tells us, ‘We must shine a light on the path, toward justice.’ And so this is one of those moments in time where our faith is being challenged. And we must fall back on all of Christ’s teachings, to remind us of what we are capable of.”

Yes, we must fall back on Christ’s teachings. Somebody should probably introduce Harris to the man, because to many Americans of faith, she is seen as anything but.

Then Harris said possibly the least self-aware statement she could muster:

“The Commandments tell us to love each other as we would our neighbor. But let’s challenge ourselves to define ‘neighbor.’ The parable of the good Samaritan tells us, ‘Well you may think your neighbor is just someone who lives next door to you. Drives the same kind of car as you. Has kids who go to the same school as your kids. Same zip code as you.’ But, no.”

Would Donald Trump be considered a “neighbor”? Yes, however it doesn’t seem like Harris or her fellow democrats intend on giving him the same “love” that Harris is calling the rest of Americans to show one another.

This isn’t an attack on Harris’ faith. There are a lot of people who call themselves “Christians” while not fully understanding what that means. Being a Christian doesn’t meant passing on the hard issues. It doesn’t mean, “well, I disagree with that, but you do you.” It requires boldness, and standing up in the face of evil.

You know evil when you see it.

Harris is just another democrat attempting to pander to the black community through faith that has no works to support it.



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