A Doctor Wasn’t Sure He Should Release This Video, What I Saw In The Light Gave Me Goosebumps

There are some moments in life that can only be explained by one thing. Wether you believe in Angels or not there can be no denying that something more than the ordinary was in the works on this day.

Fourteen-year-old Chelsea Banton had a history of devastating health issues, and she was critically ill in the hospital as her mother held on to every moment of her life that remained.

The saddened parents were told that their daughter could die any moment, until a mysterious visitor appeared just outside her door.

The security cameras captured it all.

A ghostly light-filled figured appeared on the cameras outside of Chelsea’s room an hour after her life support was removed. Watch this.

Within minutes of this event, the dying girl began a recovery that doctors were at a loss to explain.

Let this be a reminder that God is at work in our lives and to always have faith.



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