93 Year Old Veteran Brought To Tears When A Texas Pastor Begins Service Honoring Him

Happy Veterans Day to you all!

On this day we honor those who served, and continue to serve our country, and we thank them for their sacrifice.

On Sunday, veterans across the country were undoubtedly honored by their respected church communities, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more moving tribute.

Before delivering his sermon on Sunday, Pastor Steve Frissell of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in North Texas wanted to take the time to give a special mention to a veteran who continues to serve his church at 93 years old. (If you are a cryer, get ready)

“This is my friend John,” Frissell said as he made his way off the stage, and to the floor below. “John is 93 years young.”

“John served in the army from 1945-1947 in the Philippines after World War II was over, and helped bring freedom, and helped liberate them there. John served our nation faithfully, and we are so grateful for what you’ve done, and how you’ve taken care of our nation.”

“I’m also grateful for how you continue to serve,” Frissell says before explaining that John continues to assist the church as a security guard, as well as being a member of the church’s “guest services” team.

Try not to cry after watching this:

God bless those who served, and those who continue to do so. Your sacrifice is not forgotten.


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