14 Year Old Attacked By Students For Supporting Trump, Police Say It’s Not A Hate Crime

Democrats and the liberal media like to pretend that President Trump’s supporters are crazy. They have no problem showing videos of Trump supporters doing something stupid, but when an American gets attacked for supporting the president they are absolutely silent.

A video is going viral of a 14 year old boy being attacked by his classmates for, as his mother says, “wearing a #Trump hat to school.”

In a thread shared on twitter, @AmericanDiaries tells the horrific tale of what happened to her (his? I don’t know… we will just say it’s his mom) child back in November. After waiting for permission from the lawyer, the account posted the video of the assault, and it is absolutely horrifying to watch.

Imagine seeing your child go through this:

My attorney @FoyeWalkerPA said it's okay to release the video, 😡warning graphic 😡 keep in mind this is only the first 21 seconds of the video…please RT to have these two girls and 3 boys held accountable. pic.twitter.com/8oEz79K2xN — American Diaries (@AmericanDiaries) December 12, 2019

Naturally, people on twitter were outraged:

Foye B Walker is the attorney representing the Florida family. He posted the following to his personal twitter account:

“I am representing the victim in this video who is a student at Hamilton County, FL School District. This incident occurred on the school bus and is under investigation.”

I am representing the victim in this video who is a student at Hamilton County, FL School District. This incident occurred on the school bus and is under investigation.https://t.co/POTpm4vu9K — Foye B Walker PA (@FoyeWalkerPA) December 12, 2019

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered here. The parent of the child points out that “The police is not considering it a hate crime because everyone that jumped on him were related.” So, does the law say that family members are incapable of committing a hate crime? Obviously that’s ridiculous, but it’s pretty interesting to say the least.

Many have asked “why didn’t the bus driver stop?” The answer might not be as simple as they didn’t care. School buses are full of loud kids. Those kids move around a lot. There’s no way for the driver to really know what’s going on in the back while also paying attention to the road. While it is their job to get kids to and from school safely, the expectation is that the children on the bus know how to behave. Clearly, that isn’t always the case.

Imagine how this would’ve played out if the situation were reversed. You’d have national media all over the place. There would be calls for legislation to protect children from violence and hate. Of course, the media doesn’t care when the victim is just a white kid who likes the president. In the eyes of the liberal media, those people don’t matter. If anything, violence is justified in their mind, because of some weird historical connection to slavery… or something like that.

For the life of me I have no idea why this didn’t get the attention it should have, but these things happen all the time and go unreported. Meanwhile, the media will spend a month covering the Covington Catholic kids, or Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime.

Another day, another example of media bias.



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