12 Year Old Boy “Transitions” To Become A Girl, Now Has Regrets

At just 12-years old, doctors had encouraged a young boy to take female hormones in order to transition into a girl, but now the young man from Australia wants to go back to his former self.

In just two years, Patrick Mitchell has decided that he no longer thinks of himself as a girl, and wishes to go back to his “normal” self.

But how on earth did a 12-year old get put on the female hormone estrogen? What is going on when a medical “professional” would tell a parent their child should alter their body?

Patrick’s mother says that her son “would dress up in girl’s clothes,” when he was young. “And at one stage, he did say to me, could he be taken to the doctor to be made a girl.”

I don’t want to make blanket assumptions about parents in Australia, but what the hell was this lady thinking? Her kid is twelve years old. He isn’t old enough to get a job. He can’t even be trusted to drive a car, yet she thinks it’s fine and dandy for him to be put on hormones?

So, after being put on hormones, and growing breasts, Mitchell realized that being a woman wasn’t for him.

“I began to realize I was actually comfortable in my body,” said the teenager. “Every day I just felt better.”

You know why he started feeling comfortable in his body? Because he is freaking 14 years old. He’s probably got acne, and weird greasy hair, and a whole bunch of other things that make teenagers disgusting. Sadly, thinking a sex change would bring happiness is the crap being sold to us by the left.

Now, the young man must go under the knife to have his breasts removed. All of this because of the adults who have failed him in his life.

There’s the media to blame, for sure. They have made mental illness a thing to be glorified by shoving the likes of Caitlyn Jenner in our face, in an attempt at normalizing insanity. There are groups like the LGBT community, who would rather “accept” others for their “differences”, instead of trying to get them the help they so desperately need.

Then there are the parents. Parents of children going through “transition” shouldn’t really be called parents. A parent is someone who instills confidence, and a sense of “self” in a child. A parent doesn’t make a kid question what sex he or she is.

Kids these days have enough problems to deal with. Making them “figure out” what their body parts mean is simply irresponsible. Parents have a duty to raise their kids, but a lot of these hippy-dippy types seem to want their child to “find their own way” in this world. What kind of cliche, nonsensical garbage is that?

Folks, if you have kids, be a parent. Too many adults simply use their children for attention, money, or both. Gender isn’t something you can “choose”, just like you can’t choose to be an animal, or older, or younger.

Children need to be taught that it’s okay to be themselves. They don’t need to alter their bodies to feel “whole”. They need to be told that they are enough. Sadly, many parents would do anything for attention, even if it permanently scars their kids.

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